HELLO BLARUEFIT FAMILY! Welcome to check in #2 of my 2018 bikini prep! It took me a bit to get this video edited and put up...so as of now we are about 15 weeks out from show day OW OW. Here is quick update of how things are going, but if you want to see/hear more CLICK HERE or scroll down to watch my Youtube video where I talk about some changes my coach and I made and I also posted a physique update for all of you to see how things are looking! :)

Ok, so since my last check in I continued following my plan exactly how it is laid out and added in some extra cardio. When I checked in with my coach I was SO frustrated because yet again...the scale had not moved. I was feeling like I really was giving it my all, so the fact that nothing was changing was honestly quite disheartening. After talking about everything with my coach he decided to make some changes to my diet and cardio regimen (which I talk about in my video) to see if something clicks. After about 4 days of following my new plan FINALLY I began to see some changes. I dropped 1.5 pounds in those 4 days, thank goodness! I could feel my body burning, aka I was super hungry so I knew something had to be happening. Since then I have dropped some more weight and am noticing some definite changes in my body. I am going to Huntersville, NC to visit my coach tomorrow so stay tuned for my next update coming soon!

If there is any specific topic you would like to have me discuss in a blog post or youtube video please let me know! You can leave a comment on this post or on the youtube video, let's chat!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! 



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