Hello ice-cream lovers!

Read below to see my opinions on the new Enlightened ice-cream pint flavors!

Ice-cream is one of my faveeeee desserts (especially on top of a cookie). But lets face it ice-cream on the regular probably isn’t the best for that rocking summer bod you are working so hard for! You know what I am saying? Enlightened Ice Cream  was kind enough to send me all of their newly released pint ice-cream flavors to try…and of course I more than happily obliged. Give this girl a spoon and some delicious ice-cream and there is no stopping me!

So, here is what I did…on my cheat meal this weekend just after I demolished a delicious burger from Hops Burger Bar in Greensboro, NC, I took it upon myself to taste test ALL of the new pint flavors for my dessert. Here are my thoughts on the Enlightened ice-cream pints.

Enlightened ice-cream is a ggrrreeeattt alternative to your everyday ice-cream in terms of calorie and macronutrient content. It is low in sugar and fat and has high fiber and protein. Each serving of Enlightened is no more than 100 calories vs. your Ben & Jerrys that comes to about 280 calories per serving. I was pleasantly surprised with the consistency of Enlightened, even with the lower fat content it was still very creamy and tasted like a legit ice-cream. PRO TIP: definitely let it set out for about 10 minutes or pop it in the microwave for around 15 seconds to soften it up before eating it. Letting it soften is what makes it creamy and more like your typical ice-cream. Enlightened is sweetened with artificial sweeteners, so if you are sensitive to Erythritol I would suggest only eating one serving and not an entire pint (oops...guilty). All in all I was very pleased with the Enlightened ice-cream and will definitely be eating it again!

NOW ONTO FLAVORS: below is my ranking of favorite to least favorite of the new pint flavors!

  1. Glazed Donut - I just want to say WOW...I returned to this pint multiple times in between tastings. This flavor not only tastes like a donut but also is filled with sprinkles and a chocolate fudge swirl filling. It was insane.
  2. Movie Night - They really got unique with this flavor and it was a win. The ice-cream has a popcorn flavor but the chocolate chunks compliment it perfectly. Salty & sweet and just like your favorite movie treats.
  3. S'mores - The marshmallow flavor is really what got me on this one. The s'mores flavor hit it right on the head.
  4. Marshmallow Peanut Butter - Again with the marshmallow flavor. Enlightened really nailed this flavor down and add in some peanut butter...you really cant ask for more.
  5. Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Crunch - The oatmeal cookie was good but what really took this to the next level was the addition of caramel.
  6. Cookies & Cream - Oreos in ice-cream...that's all that I've got for this one. (but I did eat this flavor on top of a brownie)
  7. French Toast - A little too sweet for me but definitely tasted like french toast.
  8. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip - This is a classic and pretty much exactly what it is named. They didn't hit it out of the ball park with this flavor but it definitely was not bad.

I hope you enjoyed this little review and if you try any Enlightened flavors please let me know what are your favorites! SHARE THIS POST for all of your friends that may be looking for a healthier dessert option that is not only good for you but delicious!

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Until next time my friends.