Man...can you believe 2017 is coming to a close?

All over social media I am seeing peoples reflections of this past year.

So call me cliche but I decided to do a little reflection for myself, and share it with you!

2017 has definitely been one for books, to be honest, I am a little sad to kiss it goodbye. Here is why... the growth I have seen in myself this past year honestly blows my mind and I didn't really notice it until I decided to sit back and reflect. Through 2017 I feel like my life has been flip turned upside down (a few times) and I wouldn't change that for the world because through all of the changes I feel I truly found the person I want to be, how I want to live my life, and discovered what it is I am most passionate about and what drives me to pursue my dreams, goals, and visions.

To reflect I decided to go into my phone search 2017 in my photos and see what all it brought up. 7,412 photos appeared in my search, and instantly a smile was brought to my face. I am writing this as I am scrolling through all of these images, so here we go...2017 in the life of Britni.

I started the year off freshly graduating college, living in Wilmington NC, and working for a company called Clean Eatz. Clean Eatz allowed me to follow my passion for health and fitness and I would now consider the owners, Don & Evonne my family. Their passion for life and their business is something to admire. I could not be more grateful for my time spent with them and the things that I learned and people that I met during my time working with the company.

I took my first trip to Colorado which will be an adventure I will never forget. Not only was the scenery absolutely stunning but I also was able to spend time with amazing people that I will always hold close to my heart. This trip was like a breathe of fresh air and gave me the itch to travel and really discover the world outside of North Carolina. Oh yeah, this was also my first attempt at skiing (I sucked) so I stayed in the spa.

January of 2017 also is when I began my first prep for an NPC bikini competition. This prep was a journey in itself, which I won't go to in depth with right now. Through this prep I not only completely transformed my body but I also learned the importance of commitment, discipline, and dedication. I truly fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding and cannot wait to step on the stage again. This competition allowed me to combine all of the things I am passionate about into one event (fitness, beauty, and performing). I am always  up for a good challenge and man did this one test me... but the feeling I got when I stepped on the stage was something  I have never felt before and since stepping off of the stage all I can think about it when I get to do it again. Through this prep I also built an amazing relationship with my coach who was with me every single step of the journey (even when I emailed him with hundreds of questions because I was scared I was going to mess something up).

I began working with an supplement company called Interval Nutrition. This is a company whose products I 100% stand behind and do not go a day without using. I had the opportunity to attend some super fun events and share with others just how much I love the products. I developed amazing friendships through Interval Nutrition and it allowed me to surround myself with individuals who have the same goals, outlooks, and passions in life that I do. About a month ago I officially became an ambassador for Interval Nutrition and see a bright future for this collaboration in 2018!

In March I left my home of 5 years in Wilmington to move back to Winston Salem NC. Although, leaving Wilmington was sad I knew to be successful in my goals I needed to make a change. I never thought I would move back to my hometown, but the city of Winston has grown into a thriving city full of local business' which is something that I love supporting. Winston has developed and grown throughout the past few years but has really managed to hold onto its roots and culture. I knew that moving home would be a transition but my heart feels like I am truly where I belong.

Once I moved home I began working for my father for his company called C. LaRue Hoops. This was a great transition position for me and really allowed me to get settled back in Winston Salem. I really enjoyed working and teaching all of the kids and seeing some of the behind the scenes of running a business. However, I am happy to announce that I am stepping away from this position at the end of January to allow myself to delve deeper into what it is that I am truly passionate about which is the Blaruefit lifestyle brand.

I also began teaching at my dance studio, Extravadance. I began dancing at Extravadance when I was two years old and continued there through my senior year in high school. Coming back and teaching just feels like I am right back home with my family! Teaching dance is something that I will probably do the rest of my life. Being able to share my love for dance and influence/mentor children is something holds a special place in my heart. Plus, a child's outlook on life is something to admire and learn from (secretly hoping they can keep me young forever).

Still scrolling...

June of 2017 I competed in my first NPC bikini show and to say that I had the time of my life is an understatement. The second I stepped off the stage I knew I had found the sport where I belong. Having been a dancer, when I no longer was dancing on a stage I knew that I had find my next way of being in the spotlights. Combining my love for a stage and my passion for fitness, a bodybuilding competition only seemed fitting. In my first show I placed 2nd in both of the categories that I competed in and became a nationally qualified competitor.

Through this year I  developed amazing relationships and began to develop what I want the Blaruefit brand to evolve into. I became an athlete for a fitness clothing company called Jed North and I also was able to do multiple collaborations with emerging companies in the health/beauty industry. I realized what my focus for my business would be and how I plan to develop it (that will come in my 2018 goals post)!

This is getting quite long so I am going to sum it up. 2017 has definitely been a fantastic year. There were some difficult moments but I wouldn't change it for the world. Through difficulties come triumphs and this year was definitely full of wins! It was a year of learning and growth, a year of positivity and love, and an all around year to remember. Here are some highlight photos of 2017 and stay tuned for a post on my goals that I have for 2018!


Kissing 2017 goodbye!