Pizza night...and I don't feel bad about it

Sometimes you just have to say YES to a slice of pizza! Am I right?! I’ll be honest...I have not had pizza in a very long time but it used to be one of my favorite foods & man have I had a craving for it! When I can find a pizza that I feel is a healthier alternative to your typical NY style pepperoni slice of grease (which is delicious don’t be me wrong) I am all for trying it! 

Sweet Earth Foods is a company that creates award-winning handcrafted products that are a smarter option when you feel you want that guilty treat. All Sweet Earth Foods are high in Protein (for pizza), fiber, nutrients, and organic! I also found that the pizzas are lower in fat than your typical frozen choices, ow ow! Their pizzas come in lots of flavor choices, Herb Lovers, Veggie Lovers, Truffle Lovers and Protein...options for all. :) 

If you guys are interested in learning more click here or you can find Sweet Earth at a nearby Whole Foods or a store near you!

This post was sponsored by Sweet Earth Foods.